28. 8. 2009

Tag: 20 question

Yestereday I was tagged by my friend Yarrise - so here we go :-)

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?

My glasses because I am almost blind without them, my purse and of course my telescopic umbrella (what if start raining :-)).
2. Favorite brand of makeup?

It depends on product, but mostly MAC, BeneFit, Smashbox and YSL.
3. Favorite flower?

I love them all except white lilies (for me they are funeral flowers).
4. Favorite clothing store?

Debenhams (Designer series by Betty Jackson and Julien MacDonald).
5. Favorite perfume?

Aqua di Parma Iris nobile for winter and Mont Blanc Presence D´une femme for summer.
6. Heels or flats?

7. Do you make good grades?

I am trying to do my best.
8. Favorite colors?

No, not particulary. But I prefer bright colours as crimson red and and navy blue :-).
9. Do you drink energy drinks?
No, they taste and smell awful!
10. Do you drink juice?
Yes, I prefer fresh juice.
11. Do you like swimming?

No, I´m ground person.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?

It depends on ocasion.
13. Favorite moisturizer?

It changes every three months, now I´m using Neutrogena Visibly clear moisturiser.
14. Do you want to get married later on in life?

Maybe sometimes in future.
15. Do you get mad easily?

Oh yes.
16. Are you into ghost hunting?

No. WTH?
17. Any phobias?

Yes, paternoster lift...
18. Do you bite your nails?

No. I never did it.
19. Have you ever had a near death experience?

20. Do you drink coffee?

No, really only when I don´t want to offend hostess (and only with a lot of milk and sugar).

I tag: Handa

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