6. 7. 2010

Cherry on Top Award

Tassa (one of my favourite slovenian blogger) from Tassa's blog awarded me with Cherry on Top Award. How sweet of her! So thank you very much, I haven´t expect it :).

The rules of the award are as follows:
1.Thank the person who gave this award to you.
2.Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3.List 3 things which you love about your self.
4.Post a picture you love.
5.Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.

Three 3 things which I "love" about myself:

I am capable to write my blog bilingual (ok technically mostly in czech and in czenglish)
I love meeting new people and speak and speak and speak ... till dawn.
I have good orientation sense, reading map is my hobby :).

Post a picture you love.
This one is from my last trip to Ljubljana (Slovenia), and I believe dragon is city patron.

Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to. I admire their blogs! Check them out, they are fantastic.


3 komentáře:

  1. Woooow! Great photo! I love Ljubljana! <3

    I'm glad that you accepted award. You deserve it! :)

  2. Jéé já taky moc děkuju :-)